Q: What is the Batizado?
A: The Batizado is an event customary to the practice of capoeira where new students are officially welcomed into the capoeira community and continuing students are moved up in rank (cords). The event is a time to celebrate the achievements of students, the support from friends and families and enjoy a cultural extravaganza as guests artists from Brazil put on a high-energy, gravity-defying show.

Special guests artists and Mestres are invited to the event who not only are a delight to watch play capoeira games but also serve as inspiration for the young students to excel in the art and continue their paths as capoeiristas.

Q: Why is it so important?
A: The Batizado only happens once a year!
And it is a meaningful event in the life of both student and teacher as they each reflect on the commitment they have made to the art of capoeira. Whether the student receives a new cord / moves up in rank or not, the Batizado is the culminating event for the time you’ve dedicated to capoeira.

Prior to the batizado, usually a series of workshops are held with the special guest of the event.  This time serves as a great cultural exchange as students from the larger NY and USA (and abroad) capoeira community take part in these workshops.

Q: Who participates in the Batizado?
A: Everyone participates in the Batizado, regardless of level.

Q: Will I get a new cord?
A: Students receive cords (ranks) based on their level of progress and dedication they have demonstrated during the year to the art of capoeira. For kids, the system is different than adults, and receiving a cord is a combination of age, dedication, class participation, development progress and last, physical and artistic skills.
For adults, as they continue to escalate the ranking system of ABADA-Capoeira, the demands and expectations increase.
The cord received by the student is determined by the instructor and the honorary guest Mestre (master) in attendance.

Q: What is the ABADA-Capoeira ranking system like and what significance does each cord color has?
A: Click here to view: http://www.acbx.org/about/ranking-system

Q: Is there a specific time that I should attend?
A: Students should see the schedule and note when events/workshops are for kids or adults (or both).
For the 2017 Batizado, all kids attend workshops on Thursday and Friday at 5:30pm and on Saturday, the Batizado is at 11am.
Adults attend workshops Tuesday – Friday evenings, and the Batizado at 11am on Saturday.

Q: Do I need an existing cord to participate in the Batizado?
A: No, if you don’t have a cord you can still participate in the Batizado.

Q: Who has to sell tickets to the Batizado?
A: Everyone. Tickets sales help us raise funds to cover event costs.
For 2017 Batizado, students are required to sell a minimum of 5 tickets at $10 each.

Q: Do I need a uniform?
A: Yes, all students must wear a full ABADA uniform

Q: When do I wear the t-shirt I will receive?
A: You will receive an event t-shirt on Friday evening. You will wear your t-shirt on Saturday, for the Batizado event – everyone must wear the same Batizado event t-shirt.

Q: Is the workshop series different than the Batizado event?
A: Yes, workshops are special classes with guest masters from Brazil, only open to students. Parents may watch quietly.

Q: Which workshop day should I attend?
A: Kids attend on Thursday and Friday at 5:30-6:30pm
Adults attend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
See the full schedule for locations and times here: www.acbx.org/batizado  

Q: I don’t have a capoeira nickname, should I still participate in the Batizado?
A: Yes. You will most likely receive one closer to Batizado day or on Batizado day.

Q: Can I record the Batizado and/or workshops?
A: No, recording is not permitted.

Q: I’m confused about all this, who can explain all of this to me over the phone or in person?
A: Any ACBX advanced student or teacher. Reach out / ask in class!