2019 was great year for ABADA-Capoeira Bronx! We’ve grown as a family, as individuals and as an organization, and we are most excited to welcome the new decade as we enter our 10th anniversary year (Save the date: June 16-20). We closed out 2019 proud of what we’ve accomplished, together, as a committed team of families, students, teachers and friends who believe in Capoeira and the power of community. 


ACBX’s TOP 10 OF 2019

  1. ACBX reached over 3,000 people through in-school educational programs, free park classes, workshops, outdoor public events and recurring on-site programs 
  2. Our stapled Free Capoeira in the Park summer series saw nearly 1,000 residents at Van Cortlandt Park. Now on its 8th year, we introduced West African Dance – also free for all ages!
  3. For the 5th consecutive year, all students at Samara Community School – nearly 300 children – take Capoeira Arts Education as part of their physical education curriculum and as a supporting pillar for the school’s core values: kindness, working together, never giving up and asking questions
  4. ACBX and The College Academy (TCA) was once again partnered up for “The Arts for English Language Learners & Students with Disabilities” program, in which Capoeira Arts is leveraged as a developmental aid in the language acquisition and cultural adaptation of young adults recently arriving in the U.S.
  5. Our first ever Batucada de Lata percussion workshop introduced students to making music with recycled material. ACBX participated  in more than 20 local community events such as The New York Botanical Garden Roberto Burle Marx Exhibition series, The Hispanic Federation’s Vive tu Vida Healthfair, and Manhattan College’s public discussion on “Slavery in The Bronx” among others 
  6. The outstanding participation of students in competitions made us proud. In all competitions an ACBX student placed in their category and/or among general competitors. Most recent, Brandon “Gasparzinho” Taft won best in his cord (belt) in the World Games in Rio de Janeiro and all competing Graduados made it to the quarter finals in their respective categories.  A group of 11 traveled as part of our Brazil Study Trip this year, including ACBXTeen Frankie “Abelhinha” Troani (14) traveling for the first time
  7. Professor Coco received the Brown-Red cord, a rank held by less than 1% of the total ABADA-Capoeira population worldwide
  8. Iconic Masters and international artists visited this year. In 2019 we welcomed Mestra Edna Lima, NY, Mestrando Piriquito, Curitiba, Brazil  for a quick stop, Professor Douglão, Rio de Janeiro, Instrutor Caboclo, Curitiba, Brazil who shared their knowledge with the community and our students. And most notably, living legend, Mestre João Grande visited for a memorable day connecting our young people to the past and the wisdom that only a lifetime of Capoeira can offer
  9. A significant number of #ACBXKids moved on to our #ACBXTeens program, demonstrating a development of skills as they transform into young adults. All students in this group have been part of ACBX for more than 5 years – that’s half of ACBX’s lifetime! 
  10. ACBX Studio made strides in becoming a stapled community space! From wellness classes to public kids events to life celebrations such as birthdays and graduations, hundreds of locals made use of our space

ABADA-Capoeira Bronx is not only a conduit that leverages capoeira to build youth and transform lives but it also serves as a beacon of culture in our neck of the borough. Enriching the lives of people in our community contributes to the cultural diversity that makes New York City shine.

Help ACBX continue to bring its mission to life and impacting lives throughout the Bronx and the broader New York City.
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