When can I take my first class?
Adults can take their first class any time! 
Kids may take a trial class, even after the seasonal session has begun, however, the class must be scheduled in advance. Please contact us to register.
No previous capoeira experience is necessary.

What should I expect on my first class?Capoeira is a very physical activity that will put into action every muscle in your body. Expect to be physically and mentally challenged as you will find yourself working on motor-coordination, reflexes and creative and tactical thinking. Come to class excited and ready to challenge yourself!

I’ve never taken any type of self-defense or dance class…can I still take capoeira classes?
Yes! Capoeira does not require that you have prior experience on any type of physical activity. As you learn capoeira, you’ll acquire different skills which will greatly improve your being; physically, mentally and spiritually.

What should I wear? Do I have to wear a uniform on my first day?
Wear comfortable, work-out appropriate, loose-fitted clothes. White color is preferred, but not mandatory. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks. Capoeira is done barefoot. You do not need to have a uniform on your first day.

In what language is the class taught? English or Portuguese?
Basic class instruction is in English, however, as part of ABADA-Capoeira’s relentless effort to maintain the art of capoeira true to its essence, capoeira movements’ names, songs, instruments’ names are in Portuguese. As students continue to train consistently and study the art of capoeira, many learn to speak Portuguese.