ACBX is available for  in-school capoeira arts & physical education programs throughout the city.  We create long and short term programs as well as one-time workshops and assembly demonstrations for grades Pre-K through 12. 

Capoeira is an activity that encourages those who practice the art form, to  work together as a collaborative team. The roda de capoeira requires that all participants have an active role playing instruments, signing, clapping, playing a game of capoeira.  Through these activities, an element of cooperation and support among students occur and organically, a community-like environment develops.  Our programs provide a challenging, yet supportive, environment that pushes students to excel on all levels.

Our multifaceted capoeira arts programs explore the disciplines the art of capoeira encompasses beneficial to students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By cultivating creativity and encouraging self-expression in a fun and supportive environment, our programs enable students to be physically active through the practice of capoeira and other forms of Afro-Brazilian cultural expressions.
Our encouraging teaching approach allows students to learn valuable skills that will accompany them for a lifetime.

Practicing capoeira helps students

  • improve overall physical condition; motor-coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, cardio-vascular activity & develop reflexes
  • improve social skills
  • develop rhythmic abilities
  • develop leadership skills
  • promote civic responsibility
  • develop a healthy lifestyle
  • develop cultural awareness & tolerance
  • value diversity

If you’re interested in bringing ACBX’s capoeira arts programs to your school, contact us for more information or schedule a demonstration class:


Thank you Coco so much for coming to work with my class! It felt so easy to let them work with you, even though it was the first time they had met you. You have such a way of being with kids; they trust and listen to you. Kids jumped into the activities immediately, because the class was very accessible to them. It was clear watching them throughout the class, that capoeira was helping them build both flexibility and strength. The most miraculous part of this experience is how steady and focused my students were in class for the rest of the day, and for that, I cannot thank you enough! I wish they could start every day with capoeira.”

 – Lauren Sutherland, Former Teacher, Bronx Community Charter School