The Batizado is the most anticipated event in the life of a capoeirista.

It is an event customary to the practice of capoeira where new students are officially welcomed into the capoeira community, some may receive their nicknames the day of the event, and continuing students are moved up in rank.  Students receive ranks based on their level of progress and dedication they have demonstrated during the year to the art of capoeira.  The event is a time to celebrate the achievements of students, the support from friends and families and enjoy a cultural extravaganza as guests artists from Brazil put on a high-energy, gravity-defying show.

Special guests artists and Mestres are invited to the event who not only are a delight to watch play capoeira games but also serve as inspiration for the young students to excel in the art and continue their paths as capoeiristas.
Prior to the batizado, usually a series of workshops are held with the special guest of the event.  This time serves as a great cultural exchange as students from the larger NY and USA capoeira community take part in these workshops.

The batizado is a meaningful event in the life of both student and teacher as they each reflect on the commitment they have made to the art of capoeira.

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