**Coming Soon: ACBX’s Top 10 of 2018 / updated information**

2017 was a year of huge transition for ABADA-Capoeira Bronx as we embarked in opening the first full time Capoeira Cultural Arts Center in the Bronx. We closed out the year proud of what we’ve accomplished, together, as a committed team of families and individuals passionate about community building and youth development through Capoeira arts.

In 2018, we will continue to nurture our passion for capoeira cultural arts and use its teachings to strengthen minds, build community, culturally enrich lives and provide unique transformative experiences in 2018.

With gratitude, 
Marcelo “Professor Coco” Fagundes & Jennifer “Graduada Franjinha” Sanchez

ACBX’s Top 10 of 2017

  1. Over 3,500 people reached through in-school educational programs, outdoor events, free park classes, workshops and in-house on-going programs.

  2. For the third consecutive year, all grades at Samara Community School – a total of 210 children – take Capoeira Arts as part of their learning curriculum.

  3. ACBX’s 3rd Brazil Cultural Exchange Trip was a success!  Students trained in the cities of Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro with some of the highest ranked masters of the art and created experiences with capoeira practitioners from around the world.

  4. Hundreds of community residents and capoeiristas from across the US, joined in a seven-week series of FREE workshops at Van Cortlandt Park. The arts and music workshops, were held in partnership with the Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy and Councilman Andrew Cohen.

  5. The PIA Project – a long time envisioned program that will provide low cost/free classes for kids – kicked off fundraising efforts during Professor Coco’s 30 years of Capoeira anniversary celebration. Adults Capoeira students made the first donation, pledging our shared vision to make capoeira arts accessible to all youth.

  6. One hundred and twenty high school students from the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) participated in a week-long of workshops at the ACBX Capoeira Cultural Arts Center, offering students and WHEELS faculty hands-on fieldwork to complement the subjects they were studying in their classrooms.

  7. International artists delighted families and inspired students at ACBX’s 7th annual cultural performance and student graduation. The community joined in recognizing three students who attained the teaching level of Graduado – Nadra “Baixinha” Basket, Timothy “Cuidadoso” Lewis and Marco “Mosquito” Cisnero.

  8. Graduados Brandon “Gasparzinho” Taft and Tim “Cuidadoso” Lewis, participated in ZUMBIMBA for the first time. This marquee event commemorates the lives and teachings of Zumbi – the last leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares and Mestre Bimba – the creator of the Capoeira regional style.

  9. ACBX performed in more than 10 local events, including the Hispanic Federation’s Vive Tu Vida Health Fair, Riverdale’s Riverfest and Bronx Borough President’s Bronx Week 2017 among others.

  10. The first Capoeira Cultural Arts Center opened in the Bronx! At this time, last year, students and friends rolled up their sleeves to fix up a space that had been closed for years, with a dark past, and turned it into a home where friendships are forged and positive community building is center stage each day. This coming January, we celebrate our first year.