Culture + Exercise + Community  

ABADÁ-Capoeira Bronx Arts Inc. works to preserve, share and expand the art of capoeira within diverse communities and families. ACBX uses the practice of Capoeira as a medium to develop youth, build community and inspire people to reach their maximum potential.

ACBX creates multifaceted Capoeira Arts programs that explore the many disciplines the art encompasses from which students can benefit from physically, mentally and emotionally.
Our programs cater to all ages and operate on-site, at our full time Capoeira Cultural Arts Center in the Bronx and off-site, largely throughout NYC schools.

ACBX opens its full time Capoeira Arts Center – the first and only of its kind – in the Bronx in 2017. 

ACBX’s studio is a community space for Capoeira arts to flourish and for wellness to be accessible to all. In this light, the studio offers various fitness and wellness classes and is available for events.  
We aim for this studio to be an environment where the community can create, build, nurture and bond all things that will support personal development in one’s life.

ACBX shares name and philosophy with the international ABADA-Capoeira school, founded by Mestre Camisa, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. ABADA-Capoeira is one of the largest Capoeira schools and greatest exposure of Afro-Brazilian culture with representation in 60 countries and close to seventy thousand members worldwide.