“Abada Capoeira Bronx’s spring break camp was an amazing experience for my son and daughter. It’s a beautiful community.  The immersive experience in capoeira exposes them to a blend of martial arts, dance, music, language, and culture.  Coco pays individual attention to each child at whatever level, appreciating them for who they are and pushing them to improve their skills.  Highly recommended.”
– Emily Raboteau, mother to Delilah (age 5) and Geronimo (age 7)
ACBX students since 2017

“My son Mateo started capoeira at 7 years old.  Professor Coco introduced capoeira to Mateo’s elementary school and soon after joined Coco as one of his first students in his class.  From the start he loved the athleticism of capoeira, while as a parent, I was glad that he was learning something new and staying active.  Elastico, as he is known in capoeira, learned about achievement through learning new moves and advancing in ranking. Professor Coco’s constant encouragement lifted Elastico’s self-esteem through the years and as a parent, that ability to connect with a child is priceless.  Elastico has made friends, both young and old, and his ability to play at a high level for his age, keeps him coming to the classes. As a parent, I cannot say enough about the love and desire Professor Coco has for the art of capoeira and how he is constantly transferring that passion to his students. For my son and his 7 years with Coco, the class has provided a martial arts skill, a self-esteem booster, confidence, self-awareness and friendships.”
– Roberto Gonzalez, parent to Mateo “Elastico” age 14
ACBX student since 2010 


“My son has been participating in the kid’s capoeira classes for the last three years and loves them! From the first day he was embraced by Professor Coco and mentored by the senior students. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging in their practice of this amazing martial art. What I love about capoeira as a spectator is the live music. The drums, the clapping and the Portuguese songs create a spectacular environment to watch the capoeiristas in their games. I highly recommend ABADA-Capoeira to all parents as a community where their children will forge life-long friendships and learn an activity that inspires the heart as well as the body!”
– Jennifer Taveras, parent to Sage “Sonic.” age 10
ACBX student since 2012

“The capoeira program is always a welcome addition to our school’s programs. The blend of learning through movement, music and culture provides an exciting enrichment experience for our students. It gets them talking and it makes them excited about coming to school. It seems almost like they think of their Professor Coco as some sort of superhero!”
– Davis M.Connelly, Development Director (former Senior Program Director)
Roads to Success, ACBX partner since 2012

“Our students learn not only the martial art of capoeira but as a Dual Language school, they have a window into Afro Brazilian culture, another language- Portuguese, history, movement, respect and support for one another, and self-discipline. Our children can’t wait for capoeira to begin every year and LOVE Professor Coco. He is knowledgeable and has a great command of teaching groups of children. Can’t recommend it enough!!”
 – Danielle Derrig, Principal
Samara Community School, ACBX partner since 2015