General Information for Parents/Students

  • Checks should be made to ABADA-CAPOEIRA BRONX ARTS INC. Checks with an inaccurate name will be returned.
  • Student must remain in the class(es) he/she has been assigned to, unless, he/she has paid to be enrolled in multiple classes.
  • Student/parent must sign in at the beginning of each class.
  • Students must wear proper uniform/attire for each class.
  • No video or photography is allowed without prior consent from ACBX administration. You may film during the Roda portion of the class – be sure to tag us on social media! @abadacapoeirabronx
  • Parents are encouraged to leave the room while class is taking place. 
  • Parents and students must respect the overall code of conduct:  no noise/interruptions (this includes loud conversations, cell phones, eating, unattended siblings etc), no coming over to students (or vice versa) during class, no disrespectful behavior toward instructor(s)/assistant apprentice teacher(s) or classmates.
  • A substitute instructor may teach class without prior notice.
  • Parent must provide a reliable email for communication and check email regularly for class updates.
  • Parent/student is expected to maintain good communication with ACBX instructor(s)/administration
  • ACBX holds the right to cancel/change class due to unexpected circumstances. ACBX makes an effort to keep this to a minimum.  

The progress of our students is a team effort between teachers’ and parents – we’re in it together!
We appreciate your cooperation and support.