Inst. Coco, Pedrita, Mestre Camisa and Gda. Franjinha, CEMB 2014

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”
We are a true testament that this is true! In 2o10, when ACBX was just a teacher looking for students and a supportive wife/capoeirista who “Believed”, among the many plans we thought of, one was to one day bring our Master, Mestre Camisa, to The Bronx. For that, we needed to build a following that would understand the philosophy we learned from our master and establish ourselves as another chapter of the international ABADA association…and we did it!!!!
This is a dream come true; to be able to bring our Master, to meet, teach and interact with our students. However, it is also a big endeavor that comes with a lot of expenses. Thus, we call on all our friends and supporters to help us bring this event to life.
Here are ways in which you can help: 

  • Be a sponsor / make a financial donation. If not you, do you know a local business that could? Perhaps one you have a relationship with? Let us know
  • Donate gift certificates to restaurants that we can use to feed our guests
  • Host a lunch/dinner at your house OR at a designated location for our guests artists the week of the event
  • Provide lodging for a guest from out of state. If not at your house, do you know of affordable lodging places near the Bronx? Let us know.
  • Volunteer your vehicle to transport guests and/or instruments to/from the event location the week of the event
  • Graphic design services
  • Printing services
  • Video recording and editing services
  • Donate airfare miles or hotel points
  • Volunteer the week of the event to help with on-site needs

Contact us to let us know how you can help!