Culture + Exercise + Community  

ABADÁ-Capoeira Bronx (ACBX) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to preserve, share and expand the art of capoeira within diverse communities and families. ACBX uses the practice of Capoeira as a medium to develop youth, build community and inspire people to reach their maximum potential.

ACBX creates multifaceted Capoeira Arts programs that explore the many disciplines the art encompasses from which students can benefit from physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Our programs cater to all ages and operate on-site, at our full time Capoeira Cultural Arts Center in the Bronx and off-site, largely throughout NYC schools.

While ACBX has been in existence since 2010,  in January 2017,  ACBX opened its full time Capoeira Arts Center – the first of its kind in the Bronx – a 1,700 sq. ft sun-drenched studio on 242nd St., with the goal to increase capacity and expand programs.