Upcoming Events

Save the date for these upcoming events!


– ACBX’s Annual Carnival Fundraiser
– ACBX’s Annual Black History Month Workshops – Free events to NYC schools. Click to learn how to enroll your school.
– Copa Mestre Bimba Games, Mestra Edna Lima, NY

March: Batizado, Prof. Yara, DC

April: Batizado, ACNYC, Prof. Furacão, NY

May 23 – 25: 5th ABADA-Capoeira Female Encounter, Rio de Janeiro

June: Batizado, Instrutor Mucuiú, NY

October 16 – 18: Batizado ACBX
ACBX’s 4th Annual Batizado & Workshop Series Student Graduation Event .
Honorary Guest: Mestra Marcia, from San Francisco, CA

– Batizado, Inst. Cascavel, Montreal, Canada
– Batizado, ACSF, Mestre Marcia, CA